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  • 25.03.11
    HTC's Desire smartphone series is one of those things that you just can't ignore if you're looking for Android-based smartphone. Still "fresh" in terms of raw power - 1GHz CPU, Android 2.2, 768MB RAM and 1.5GB ROM, and pretty much all of the technologies you can think of, ranging from Bluetooth to WiFi and 3G connectivity, are all standard things in this class. Also, this thing has a huge screen and a 8MP camera, which should be more then enough for you to record your videos (HD) and pictures with good enough quality and details. Let's see how everything else works....
  • 20.01.11
    If you take a look at some facts - N8 seems like a "let's try it one more time"-phone by Nokia. Apple gained huge ground in the smartphone market, Android-based phones are eating up marketshare as well so this might be like a last valid attempt by Nokia before trying to do some huge changes. It's ased on Symbian, it has a very nice and crisp 3.5" 640x360 AMOLED screen, very nice design and two cameras. But is that really enough to compete against iPhones and Android-based phones?
  • 10.01.11
    Samsung's Galaxy Tab looks like a device that's a bit confusing - it's a phone, it's a tablet, yet, it's too big for first and too small for the second market. What Samsung tried to do here is - just make a device that will have best from the both worlds - mobile phone and a tablet. It's armed with the 7" screen and a price that looks like an invitation to fight with the undisputed king of the tablet market - Apple's iPad. Also, besides the fact that it's smaller (we've got a metaphore for that around here - half-iPad), it's also thinner then iPad - by a mm or so. Let's see what it can offer in real life.
  • 05.01.11
    Having worked with NVIDIA for the better part of the past eight or so years, I believe I've gotten to a point where I know this company and its products rather well. It's been years, but pretty much everything's gone through hands of the crew here - from various VGA's to motherboards and server-related products. But when I first heard about Tegra, I was a bit surprised. The fact that NVIDIA was moving towards mobile business wasn't such a surprise, but the way they chose to do so - kind of was. And the way was - let's start off by delivering the best.
  • 03.12.10
    Microsoft launched its mobile version of Windows recently and - a couple of Windows Phone 7 devices are on the market. One of these is HTC's Surround, a very solid WP7-based phone that will show us what the platform can do - right now. It's been awhile since - software-wise - Microsoft offered something substantionally new to its partners on the mobile market so - let's check it out.
  • 01.11.10
    This was one of first tablets which hit the martket after the now-famous iPad, and of course one of first Android-based tablets available to buy instantly. Specifications seems OK at first glance - Android 2.1, 7“ LED-backlit touchscreen seems large enough, yet not as large to carry around as 10“ tablets, Snapdragon, 256 RAM, 8GB internal SD storage,accelerometer, webcam, 3G, WLAN, 8.1 Wh battery. So, it seems that Huawei included everything needed for portable fun. Let's check it out.
  • 25.10.10
    HTC Desire was one of the first Android devices with 1Ghz Snapdragon processor, which should make it super-fast on Android 2.1 And it did! We got it among first when it hit the market, and first impression was 'whoo, fast', and we noticed capacitive touchscreen quality is really good. High resolution, sharp picture, great feeling while typing and fast response, and above all realistic colors. Desire was a pleasure to use from the very start so - let's see what our other impressions were.
  • 23.10.10
    If we were to put it in one sentence – this laptop is heavily MacBook Pro influenced in terms of design, color choices and quite a few details. But it's a beast nevertheless, and a beautiful one at that. Newer model that came out recently (Envy 17 3D) uses NVIDIA's 3D Vision and 120Hz screen to give you the 3D experience on the laptop and – this is quite a popular trend nowadays, with Toshiba, ASUS and others coming with similar models.
  • 20.10.10
    Today we will talk about Nokia 5230 XpressMusic  smart phone who comes from well known music family. Nokia 5230 is cheaper entry-point and looks almost identical to its big brother 5800 Xpressmusic  but as its name says it comes stripped away with some major functions like wifi, flash, weaker camera and not to say no memory card included and USB data cable.
  • 19.10.10
    18.4" screen, Core i7 740QM, four GB's of memory, GeForce 360m and Blu-Ray drive are definite stars of this desktop replacement. As your mobile office, you can take it anywhere and be completely sure that you'll be able to do whatever kind of work you want to do, and pretty fast. Gaming, mobile connectivity and surprisingly good battery might help. It's big for sure, but is it also worth it to carry around so you can do the work?

Amazon going Apple-style on... Apple?

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Written by Vedran Dakic   

Amazon logoSo, we've been waiting for awhile, but now it's finally here. Although we're still getting some info and details about Amazon's new products, it's pretty clear what Amazon's trying to do with their new Kindle Fire tablet. And it doesn't seem to be an easy task to achieve, but if anyone's got the tools to kick Apple a little bit, it's Amazon. Long-time biggest online marketplace for books, music, DVDs and whatnots definitely has a library to put to good use.

With is 1GHz TI OMAP dual-core CPU, it's got more then enough horsepower to do a good job. The interface might look a bit different then what you'd expect from an Android-based device, but it's still Android. And it looks remarkably like RIM's Playbook, which faced further price cuts this week as RIM tries to get more traction in the mobile space overall. Blackberry phones haven't been exactly doing great against Android counterparts, and Playbook seems to suffer from the same faith...

Amazon's online services have grown remarkably over the years, and with the EC2 cloud system in the background, they do have a perfect platform to compete with pretty much anyone, including Apple. Media library? Checked. Books? Checked. Proprietary book format for their own devices? Checked. Their own version of Android Market? Check. DVDs, Blu-Rays? Checked. TV? Checked. Pretty much everything they need. And they want to include some cloud-based services with their Kindle Fire's as well - for example, cloud-based storage, and cloud-assisted Silk browser. In the end, if the browser works as advertised, it could bring noticeable improvements to the overall browsing experience. It certainly looks like a very interesting concept. And first info tell us that they're gonna launch a free cloud-based storage for Kindle Fire's users, which is a nice hint-hint for Apple.

All in all, this points to a very big fist-faits between two greats - IT great Apple, and multimedia-meets-IT-as-a-service great Amazon. They've both got the tools and the background, but what remains to be seen is what kind of shift (if any) will Amazon's Kindle Fire bring to the market. It doesn't necessarily have to be a showdown in the iPad domain as Kindle Fire is much, much cheaper, but it will most definitely be a showdown in the "overall" domain, where Android tablets are yet to push strongly against iPad which already captured some 80% of the market. For $199, the 3G version of Kindle Fire looks like a very, very nice catch. And with a free month of Amazone Prime, Amazon's looking in the right direction - service integration with all of the stuff they have. Initial news reports tell us that they've struck some major deals with publishers, which could lead to some kind of subscription service for Kindle Fire - for movies, series, books, all of the above, a combination of these things... And possibilities are limitless.

This is really good for the market, as Amazon move has the right ingredients to preturb the market a bit, bring prices a bit down and give more reasons for non-tablet owners to make that shift...

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